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  • Feb 16 2017
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Getting things DONE with a professional outfit in light, dusty blue.

Light Blue Professional Outfit

Getting Things Done by Megan's Beaded Designs

Zimmermann mini skirt
$270 - zimmermannwear.com

Ebony pencil

Pantone coffee mug
$17 - trouva.com

Barrette hair clip

Feel productive and ready to finally GET THINGS DONE with this fabulous professional outfit it light, dusty blue.

Be comfortable, yet stylish with block heels, a mid-length jean skirt, and plenty of pencils to go around.

Make it through your day with a cute, Pantone-themed mug filled to the brim with your choice of coffee or tea.

Check tasks off your list in pretty journal to keep yourself motivated.

And finally, pull everything together with a barrette clip held snugly in your locks.

You can purchase the light blue barrette here.

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