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What's all the Hoop-lah about?

  • Sep 2 2013

Hoop earrings are making a delightful return this Fall fashion season. And beaded hoop earrings? They're kind of a big deal.

An even bigger deal: getting a free pair when you buy 2 or more pairs.


Now I'm starting to see what all of the hoop-lah is about.

Here are just a few samples of the hoop earrings you can choose from at Megan's Beaded Designs (prices range from $7 to $16):

Black and Silver hoop Earrings Red and Black Pirate Style Hoop Earrings Silver Lining Large Hoop Earrings Brown and Green Beaded Hoops Dark Blue Hoop Earrings Gray and Yellow Hoop Earrings

Check out all of the hoop earrings you can choose from here. Pick out two or more pairs, and get your multicolored pair included automatically in your order! Offer ends 9/14.

New Adjustable Bracelets + Blog Features

  • Aug 16 2013

These indie-style adjustable bracelets make for a fashionable last hoorah for summer.

Buy here for $19

Pull their cords to fit any size wrist. They are perfect for your more active days and casual evenings.

Buy here for $16

Stack them up and down your arms to create your own look!

Buy here for $19

Megan's Beaded Designs is getting featured on the fashion blogs!

You can check out my interview on Styled Out Loud here. Mecca also give her review of my miniature heart cookie ring.

Fashion blog feature

Also, be sure to check out the fantastic Spotlight we got from Rhinestone Religion. (Pssst: 20% off coupon included!)

In the meantime, please note that all orders made today through Wednesday will be shipped out Thursday morning. I'm taking a brief summer holiday camping, and you can bet I've got my adjustable bracelets on!

The most common question I get asked

  • Aug 14 2013

The most common question I get asked is if I actually make all my stuff. I mean, do I really.

I almost always respond with a smile (if it's in person) or a semicolon and a left facing parenthesis symbol (if it's on the internet), and respond honestly.


"Yes, I really do."

No way! Some of the doubters will respond. You must have some employees that help you.

"Not at the moment," I counter-act, "Maybe someday, after my business grows."

Usually the fact that I'm actually working on a project right then and there (in the case of an in-person confrontation, usually at a craft show) helps. If it doesn't there's not much else I can do to convince the doubter, but I don't really see it as that big of a deal. For me, the proof is in each unique piece of work.

Vintasge Girl Hair Clip

Yes, I make all of the jewelry and hair accessories that are sold at MegansBeadedDesigns.com. And yes, this also means that I can create custom pieces just for you.

I would love to work with you.

If you're interested in some free design mock ups, for whatever piece of jewelry or hair accessory item you have in mind, simply contact me via e-mail at megabgirl@yahoo.com, or the form on my contact page and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Satisfying My Sweet Tooth

  • Aug 7 2013

As some of you are aware, I went through surgery a couple of months ago and got my tonsils taken out. Finally.

I was sick of being sick for long periods of time and having sore throats and coughs that lasted for months on end. Bleh. Not fun.

While I am well recovered from my surgery at this point, I have experienced a rare side-effect of losing my sense of taste for all things sweet. Cake, doughnuts, and caramel macchiatos are revolting when I swallow these treats.

I'm not gonna lie, it's a bummer. Before you go all out and tell me, "I'm jealous! I bet you'll lose weight!" consider for a moment what it's be like to crave french toast with fresh strawberries and not actually enjoy eating them.

That's right. It friggin' sucks.

From what I've read online, this change of taste can last me anywhere from 6 months to a year. Some people have even proclaimed losing their love for all things sweet on a permanent basis.

How I'm dealing with this first-world problem:

Inedible jewelry! If I can't enjoy scarfing down a sprinkle-covered doughnut, at least I can enjoy wearing one.

Yellow Doughnut Ring Coffee RingCupcake Necklace

Check out even more inedible food jewelry here.

5 Reasons to Buy Handmade

  • Aug 5 2013

Along with creating my own handmade jewelry line, I personally buy handmade whenever I can and for whatever excuse I can muster. There is something so much more significant, and meaningful about a handmade item that mass-produced products cannot even hold a candle to.

Mermaid Barrette

Reason 1: handmade items are unique. You won't be able to find the same beaded barrettes at the mall that you see in Megan's Beaded Designs. Same with the selection of earrings, bracelets, or headbands. When you shop handmade you can find items that are much more fitting to your personal sense of style.

Plus, (Reason 2) if you find some pieces that are almost-but-not-quite what you are looking for, you can always contact the artisan for a custom-designed piece, made especially for you. I'm always happy to re-create a necklace in a different color or length, or switch out the surgical steel hooks on a pair of earrings to clip ons or gold-plated findings.

Purple Earrings

Reason 3: Most handmade items are one-of-a-kind. There are several items at Megan's Beaded Designs that were created only once, and will never be re-created. That means the first person to call dibs, will be the only one to wear that piece of jewelry or that unique hair accessory ever. You won't run the risk of wearing the same thing as your sworn enemy when you run into her at the grocery store, plus, the bragging rights are pretty cool.

Venetian Mask Necklace

Oh you don't have one of these? That's too bad... I got the LAST ONE.

Reason 4: Handmade gifts will be cherished much more than your everyday birthday or Christmas present. Buying handmade is my secret weapon when it comes to gift-giving occasions. And who doesn't want to bring in the most awesome bridal show present, or watch their sister's eyes light up when she unwraps her new birthday surprise? A piece of jewelry that is simultaneously a work of hand-crafted art is getting a thank-you note. Dammit.

Reason 5: When you buy handmade, you are making a statement about where you spend your money. Every time you guise make a purchase from me, you're helping me pay my electrical bill and pay for my groceries (healthy juicing is expensive- yo!) But more importantly, you can be confident that your purchases are supporting an individual artist, rather than a greedy multinational cooperation with unfair labor practices and an excess of environmental waste. If that doesn't deserve a proverbial pat on the back, then I don't know what does!

Thank you for supporting handmade. You are much appreciated!

Latest Blog Posts

  • Aug 2 2013

Below are a handful of recent posts from Megan's Beaded Blog, just in case you missed them. We're all busy, so I get it. That's why they've been compiled here for your access-whenever convenience.

1. What makes YOU beautiful?

When I design and create my handmade beaded jewelry and hair accessories, I want them to help you show off that inner uniqueness you hold inside, and serve as a way for you to express your sense of style to the world. (Click here to read this post.)

2. Back to Casual - Click the image below to get the outfit:

Casual Fashion outfit

3. Introducing Skinny Rings - Click to Learn More

Stacable Skinny Rings

4. Spash of RED - Click to get the outfit

Red and Black Fashion outfit

5. Travel-Ready Jewelry

Packing for your last hoorah means not only limiting the number of shoes you can fit into your too-small carry-on, but also picking out jewelry pieces that won’t become a tangled, jangled mess by the time they reach your destination. (Click here to read this post.)

Wearable Art: Technical Details Bracelet with Artwork from Sean Petersen

  • Jun 21 2013

Megan's Beaded Designs is setting out to partner with fine artists from all over the world, to feature their lovely images within our handmade, beaded creations. The first in this Wearable Art series is an intricately detailed bracelet, featuring the digital rendering of video game artist and illustrator Sean Petersen.

Glancing over Sean's Flicker stream, one of the first things you'll notice is not only his attention to detail, but the intense energy each of his finished pieces emanates. Not many artists can fully express the limits of the imagination through contouring and digital shading as he does.

bloo wizards

The print Sean created especially for his partnership with Megan's Beaded Designs, is as equally detailed as the rest of his work. It depicts a visual of technical advancement, and yet it is encased in the old-fashioned artisan method of hand-crafted jewelry. The two worlds are juxtaposed into a single accessory, one that you can easily wear any time you need a conversation starter.

Created with neutral gray and metallic gunmetal tones, this piece of jewelry can easily be paired with your casual office attire, or used to compliment a simple black dress at an evening event. It is sure to get noticed, however, and you will love being able to show off all of the microscopic details to your admirers.

You can purchase this bracelet here for the introductory price of $45.

To learn more about partnered artist Sean Petersen, you can view his Flicker stream here, but merchandise with his artwork on it in his Zazzle shop, or listen to his digitally created music on SoundCloud here.

Do you know an artist or are you an artist interested in partnering with Megan's Beaded Designs for the Wearable Art Series? Benefits include a 15% commision when collaborated pieces sell, and online promotion across all of our company's media outlets. You can apply for a partnership by filling out our application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w4DuY6SiuC5GSJAKfUv9bRbfIcOv8dcsY3HD_YRqacw/viewform

Striking Peacock Barrette

  • Jun 11 2013

Handmade Peacock Barrrette

You'll be sure to catch an eye or two, and not to mention receive plenty of compliments, when you step out with this remarkable dark blue and black beaded barrette in your locks. As with all of out hair accessories, this piece has been complete hand-embroidered, and designed with your unique sense of style in mind.

Beaded Peacock Barrette

Learn more about this hair accessory at its product page here. It is available in limited stock for only $29.