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Adorable Fairy Gnomes Made with Glass Doll Eyes

  • Dec 22 2016

Adorable Fairy Gnomes Made with Glass Doll Eyes

People are making amazing things with the glass eyes from Megan's Beaded Designs!

Yvonne Arasmith, from Washington state, created this adorable set of garden fairy gnomes for her son and future daughter-in-law for a wedding gift.

She used the dazzling glass doll eyes from Megan's Beaded Designs to give life to her polymer clay creations.

polymer clay gnomes

Yvonne used two sets of 6mm glass doll eyes for project.

You can find the eyes she used and plenty more in our 6mm glass eyes category.

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Fall Fashion Trend: Let There Be Layers

  • Sep 6 2016

Fall Fashion Trend: Let There Be Layers

Wanna know what our favorite fall fashion trend is? Layering of course! Layering is the perfect solution to the slight chill in the air, lending itself to the changing climate over the course of the day. When there is a slight nip in the morning, a scarf and blazer take care of the cold, while they can easily be peeled off mid-day when the sun decides it doesn't want to let summer go quite yet.

Wrap necklaces are the perfect type of jewelry to rock with a layered outfit. You can add them with other necklaces, or let them stand out on their own. (They can handle it.)

Check out an easy (and affordable!) layered outfit below. Click on the links below the image to shop each article of clothing.

Shop this outfit:
Layered pendant Necklace - $39
Chiffon Blouse
Button Blazer
Lounge Pant
Owl Scarf
Red Knee Boots

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Fashion Board: Red Sequin Celebration

  • Jul 12 2016

Fashion Board: Red Sequin Celebration

Red Sequin Celebration

Yves Saint Laurent red sequin dress
$3,450 - mytheresa.com

Judith Leiber heart purse
$885 - rebelle.com

Peter pan necklace

Lime crime lipstick

Dazzle and dance in head-to-toe red sequins. This outfit features a sparkling red sequin dress, playful sequin covered sneakers, and matching red sequin jewelry. The red sequin collar necklace and bracelet are available from Megan's Beaded Designs on Amazon.

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Evil Queen Cosplay

  • Apr 18 2016

Comic conventions are best for a lot of reasons, dressing up in cosplay not small among them.

Not one to shy from a head-to-toe cosplay Virginia Fojtik attended this year's Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington decked out head-to-toe as the Evil Queen from the hit television series, Once Upon A Time.

To complete her outfit, Virginia had me design and create an original necklace inspired by her costume.

I used a lacy red applique and adorned it with black and red glass seed beads, sparkling rhinestones, and designed an original red apple glass cabochon to rest at its center.

The results? Let me just say this...

Snow White's got nothin' on THIS!

Evil Queen Cosplay

Interested in your own custom jewelry? Whether it's to go with your cosplay ensemble, wedding dress, or casual apparel, I'd love the chance to work with you! You can send me an e-mail with your ideas at contact@megansbeadeddesigns.com, or fill out the form on my contact page.

Wooden Cat Clock - What Those Glass Eyes Are Used For

  • Apr 15 2016

Wooden Cat Clock by Dennis Prater

Filed Under: What Those Glass Eyes Are Used For

I love seeing all of the amazing and original things customers use my glass eye designs for. As a perfect example, take a look at this fantastic wooden cat clock, created and shared with permission by Dennis Prater.

Cat Clock

Dennis used these 25mm blue and green, Cheshire-inspired glass cat eyes to bring his wooden clock to life. The result is simply too fun not to share!

If you're interested in including some glass eyes in your own creations, you can shop the entire selection here.

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Fashion Board: That's Just Peachy

  • Mar 28 2016

Fashion Board: That's Just Peachy

That's Just Peachy

Greet summer in this stylish and fun outfit, all in peach! The flowly blouse flirts beneath a hand-beaded, sequin collar necklace, and the elegant touches of a hand-held clutch and sparkling beaded anklet tie the whole thing together. As the season warms up you'll want an outfit that feels cool and easy, but without having to sacrifice style. Going with breezy skirts, strappy sandals, and nautical colors does the trick. (Not to mention: peach is one of the most decadent shades of them all. Don't you just want to eat this outfit up!?)

While the blouse featured in this fashion board is a steep $465 from Mulberry, and even the clutch will cost you a Benjamin from Shopbob, you can snag the handmade Peter Pan collar necklace for just $20 here, and the sparkling ankle bracelet for just $12 here.

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Eyeglass Chain Necklace - Shop New Styles

  • Feb 4 2016

Eyeglass Chain Necklace - Shop New Styles

Keep your reading glasses or sunglasses on your person all day without issue with a fancy, beaded eyeglass chain necklace from Megan's Beaded Designs.

Several new styles of the eyeglass gripping lanyards have been added and are ready to shop:

Black and Bronze Glasses Lanyard
Black and Gold Glasses Chain Necklace

These handmade, original glasses chains are perfect for wearing your reading glasses at the office, or for rocking your shades all day at the music festival.

Blue and White Eyeglass Lanyard
Tan beaded Glasses Chain Necklace

As someone whose lost her glasses on many a stadium seat and in many a bathroom stall, I can tell you, these eyeglass chain necklaces are a lifesaver!

Plus, they're pretty.

Not that you really needed another excuse to wear more jewelry, but there you go.

And they make great gifts, especially for busy moms, multi-tasking bosses, or personal assistants. (My mother-in-law LOVES her dark brown eyeglass chain.)

You can shop all current eyeglass chain necklaces here.

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Sexy vs Sweet

  • Jan 26 2016

Sexy vs Sweet

The fashion and color trends delivered along with boxes of divine chocolates and soppy greeting cards for Valentine's Day practically begged to be played with. Most delightfully, are your options of playing it sweet and lovely with soft pinks and flowing sheer ruffles--or going for sexy with striking contrasts of bold red and stark black, complete with laced up bodices and strappy heels.

So what will it be for you this Valentines day?

Sweet in Light Pink

Sexy in Red

Shop all light pink jewelry here, or shop all black and red jewelry here.

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New - Completely Customizable Beaded Friendship Bracelets

  • Sep 15 2015

The new, completely customizable and personalized beaded friendship bracelets are here! Pick your choice of colors, symbols, beaded text, and scripted message on the card backing. Perfect Valentine's Day gift, birthday gift, Christmas present, or special surprise for any occasion.

Personalized Valentine's Day Bracelet Gift for Her

Gift a friendship bracelet to your BFF that includes a special code word that only the two of you will be able to understand.

Let your sweetie know how important she or he is to you.

Valentine's Day Gift Personalized Bracelet XOXO

Order a set of bracelets with your special date to give out to your bridal party.

Order a stack of customized, stack-able arm candy when everything you want to say simply can't fit on one.

Give a loved one a bracelet with your favorite pet name for him or her woven in delicate beadwork, where he or she can always look down and see it, remembering you and the thoughtfulness you've put into it.

Lovely Personalized Bracelet

Each personalized bracelet ordered will be originally designed, hand-beaded with your color specifications using high-quality, uniform Delica beads. Message on bracelet card will be created to fit exactly what you want to say.

Click here to order your own!

Style Board: Goth in Green Outfit

  • Aug 19 2015

Style Board: Goth in Green Outfit

Goth in Green

Embrace your rebellious sense of style and present a shockingly sexy ensemble in this dark green and black goth-inspired outfit. I love this style because it presents the right amount of dark edge with just the right touches of frilly femininity. Combat-style boots with heels, a corset bodice decorated in lace, and a short black skirt that fluffs out with tulle - what's not to love? To pull the outfit together, it is completed with green and black evil eye jewelry from Megan's Beaded Designs. This is a perfect set to wear around Halloween, or more likely, any time of the year you want to express your inner dark princess.

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Featured in this outfit post:

Evil Eye Earrings
Evil Eye Earrings
Evil Eyes Cuff Bracelet
Evil Eyes Cuff Bracelet
Evil Eye Necklace
Evil Eye Necklace