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New Year, New You: Easy Accessories that will Upgrade Your Look for 2015

  • Jan 5 2015

It's 2015. Thank goodness we aren't actually dressing in the fashion that the Back to the Future series predicted.

fashion in 2015

*Whew* thank gawd we missed the boat on that one, eh?

That doesn't mean, however, that many of us haven't resolved to taking our looks up a notch for the upcoming year. Noting, of course, that it doesn't mean we have to sacrifice comfort, conform to what other people tell us we're "supposed" to wear, or any other such nonsense as all that. Really, all it takes to pack some punch and make an expressive impression via your wardrobe is to adorn it a bit. You don't even need to throw out all of your clothing investments and spend your retirement money on a new wardrobe.

(As fun as that sounds.)

You'll feel better about your appearance, boost your confidence, feel more put-together, get more compliments and conversations going by simply topping off your everyday looks with a few new, original accessories from Megan's Beaded Designs.

For example, an easy-to-rock headband can quickly turn hair that you didn't have time to fix that morning into something sleek, polished, and complete.

Boho Headband
Stretch Headband - 114.00

Blue Hearts Headband
Ribbon Tie Headband - 29.00

Wedding Headband - 19.00

Equally efficient- who can forget earrings? Instantly elevate and glamorize your look by opting for something long and dangling instead of your usual studs.

Blue Block Earrings
Earrings - $18

Finally, you don't even have to buy new shoes to upgrade the ones you've already got. Simply stick a pair of shoe clips on 'em, and you could wear the same pair every day if you wanted to!

Moonstone Shoe Clips
Shoe Clips - $32.00

You can browse all beaded jewelry here, or hair accessories here.

Bicoastal Brunette Rocks Earrings from The Negative Space Collection

  • Dec 23 2014

Sleek style-maker and fashion blogger Samara Lipsky of Bicoastal Brunette recently rocked a pair of earrings from The Negative Space Collection from Megan's Beaded Designs. Using them to finish off an outfit of cool, all-black, she looked nothing short of fabulous.

Here's what Samara had to say about her new set of stylish adornment: "These modern earrings are just my style! They are edgy and perfect for the day or a night out. The come in gunmetal on black and are flattering for everyone. The outside of the squares are hand beaded and the inside contains a faux- leather square. These earrings measure ¾ an inch wide and 1 and 3/4 an inch long. These modern earrings are lightweight so they won’t stretch your holes. The best part of all is that if you don’t have pierced ears they come in clip on!"

To snag your own pair of earrings, click here to go to their product page.

Punk with a POW

  • Dec 15 2014

Punk Pow

Vintage dress

Crayo purple watch

Burke Decor fringe shawl

Beauty product

Framed wall art

Fried Egg Earrings
Megan's Beaded Designs

Alligator hair clip
Megan's Beaded Designs

Gift Guide for Guys

  • Dec 11 2014

Gift Guide for Guys

Holiday Sample Sale Happening on Facebook

  • Dec 6 2014

Megan's Beaded Designs will be hosting a special Holiday Sample Sale on Facebook on Friday, the 12th. You can join me all day for drool-worthy deals, surprise giveaways, free gifts, flash sales, and more.

Holiday Sample Sale Facebook Event

Invite a friend and both of you will receive a free surprise gift with your orders!

For more details on how to shop the sale, visit and join the event on Facebook here.

Items will be posted throughout the day, starting at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Items go fast, so be sure to "join" the event so you can get notifications in your Facebook feed!

(In other words, the first to nab 'em will get 'em.)

Throughout the deals I'll be posting free giveaway items, where to first to call "DIBS" will get them included in their order, at no extra charge. So be sure to join the event so you can score these awesome items!

See you there!

Click here head over to Facebook and join the event.

Gifts for Under $10, $25, and $50

  • Dec 1 2014

{Shop handmade, artisan jewelry and hair accessories this holiday season for under 50 dollars, 25 dollars, and 10 dollars to find the perfect gift!}

Chevron Necklace Grey Eye Ring Image Map Maroon Earrings Eye Brooch Eyeglass Lanyard Leaves Headband Brown bracelet Cowgirl barrette Geometric Bracelet Red Brooch Metallic bracelet Slim bracelet Hoop earrings Black hair comb Pin up hair clip coffee ring coffee cup earrings Turtle earrings blue gray ring Black and Silver Hoops Silver Fringe Earrings

5 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for You

  • Nov 25 2014

5 Reasons I'm Thankful for You

I know all yew guise will never be able to TRULY comprehend just HOW MUCH I appreciate you (hint: it’s a lot!), but today I’ve been inspired by Marie Forleo’s latest video release to write out a list of 5 specific reasons WHY I am so grateful for you.

Just for starters…

I don’t have to work 5 jobs because of you.

Before I decided to jump all-in with this online jewelry business, I was working a full-time day job, an evening job, a weekend job, a seasonal job, and any other freelance or temp job I could squeeze in between everything else. So basically: I was able to sleep (though never enough hours), eat (usually in the car or on the walk between jobs), and work for other people. Now, thanks to your support, I have my day job as a graphic designer, and my business designing and creating artisan jewelry. Both of which I love, and I love you for making it possible.

You are permitting genuine beauty to be created and identified.

Now, I know we’re all about greeting today’s eye-rolling beauty standards with our middle finger. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate, love, and cultivate beauty. Our beauty is better, though. We know that unique = gorgeous, art = adorable, and different = sexy. Because of you and your support, I am able to design, create, and release new jewelry and hair accessories that can help individuals from all over the world express their inner awesomeness on the outside, for everyone to appreciate.

You share me with your friends.

(Not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter you dirty, dirty darling!)

What I meant was that you share the jewelry and hair accessories from my business, Megan’s Beaded Designs, with your friends and family. Being the super-introvert that I am, it’s not always easy for me to toot my own horn in order to get the word out. When you share your love of my creations, it makes a ginormous difference to my ability to continue with this venture.

You actually like the jewelry you buy.

This may seem like a weird thing to be grateful for, but it’s true. Nothing feels ickier than finding out someone bought something I made not because they liked it, but because they wanted to “help” me out. What this means for that poor piece of jewelry (that I probably spent hours designing and creating until it was just right), is laying discarded somewhere in the back of a jewelry box, unused and unwanted. To make things worse, there was probably someone else out there who would have given it the love and attention it deserved, by wearing it with her favorite outfit or by offering it up as a special gift to someone who would actually light up at the sight of it.

So: stranger or not, friend or not, I am grateful for every person from all over the world who has purchased a piece from this website or at one of my craft show booths because they feel in love with the piece itself, and just knew it belonged in their collection.

You appreciate artisan-made.

If you wanted to, I know you could choose to buy your jewelry and hair accessories from your neighborhood big-box store for so cheap that they are practically paying you to buy from them. But instead, you choose to support artisan-made, originally-designed pieces by shopping here. Whatever your reasons are (the other stuff is ugly, cheaply made crap and/or you prefer to avoid supporting sweat shops and/or bloated corporations), I appreciate the support and your personal choice to shop here versus there. I know you don’t have infinite funds, so it’s a significant choice on your part to pick me and my offerings.

Just so you know: you are making a difference!


Fancy Nanc-ista Shimmers in a Silver bracelet from Megan's Beaded Designs

  • Nov 24 2014

Trend setter and style blogger Nancy of Fancy-Nanc-ista recently showed off her new, shimmering silver bracelet from Megan's Beaded Designs. She paired it with a faux fur vest and brilliantly blue pumps. Overall, a stunning look, worthy of such a classic bracelet.

Silver Bracelet Outfit silver bracelet

According to Nancy: "It was delivered to me exactly how it looked in the picture. This bracelet can be worn with casual outfits as well."

I have to agree with her. The silver bracelet she chose is simple and classic enough to be paired with any outfit. It is made up of cool, silver colored glass seed beads, that will not only hold a mesmerizing gaze, but will also feel enticing against the touch of your skin. Each individual bead glistens as you move your wrist back and forth, reflecting the oncoming light.

Bracelet measures approximately 7 and a half inches around when closed, and is clasped with a toggle clasp, which is easy to close even one-handed!

At its widest point along the band, the bracelet measures just under an inch wide. Not too over powering, but just wide enough to be noticed.

To snag your own shimmering silver bracelet, click here to go to its product page.

Woven for the Holidays: Jewelry Gift Guide

  • Nov 19 2014

If you're like me, you're still having a hard time letting go of September, let alone ready to prepare for the holidays. But the time for gift shopping is now, as the big days are only a handful of weekends away. To help make your picking and choosing a little bit easier, below is a jewelry gift guide for your reference on what to pick up from Megan's Beaded Designs that will fulfill some of the blank spots on your list.

Gift for yourself:
You didn't think you would have to
leave your own person off the list
did you? Particularly with everything
you've done to make the nice list
this year. Methinks you deserve a
treat. A simple, yet original piece
of beaded jewelry is just the thing.
A necklace like the chevron banner
shown here will pair easily with
office, errand, or evening attire.
Go ahead: exclaim, "Aww, you shouldn't
have!" to your reflection as you slip
this number around your neck to admire
the effect.
Mens Leather Bracelet Gift for him:
Permit your man to show off his more
rugged and stylish side with one of
the leather bracelets from Megan's
Beaded Designs. The high quality hand-
beaded designs are stitched to weather-
treated leather for lasting durability
and environment capability. Perfect
he is the indoor or outdoor type.
Gift for her
Give your top female friends and family
something unique and handmade and they'll
cherish and be delighted so much more
than if you picked them something up
from any 'ol regular department store
-even at twice the price. And for good
reason. Giving someone something that is
original and specially handcrafted says
to them: YOU are original and the sort
of one-of-a-kind person who deserves a
one-of-a-kind sort of gift. This intricate
Southwest bracelet, for example, isn't the
sort of thing other people will be buying
them, and it isn't something they are as
as likely to find out their own. Whoever is
lucky enough to receive it will mention your
name every time someone compliments her on it,
as her face beams with gratitude as it did
the moment she folded up the tissue it came
wrapped in.
Southwest Bracelet
Dragon Bracelet Gift for friend (unisex):
Impress your favorite dude or gal friend with
this amazing, brightly colored dragon bracelet.
He or she will love the original design, easy,
adjustable wear, and carefully hand-crafted
beadwork. This bracelet is a perfect excise to
brag. About both one's fashion sensibilities, as
well as one's awesome friends.
Gift for the BFF:
More than just any friend, this is for the
girl you can tell anything. This fun hair
will remind the both of you of delightful
time swapping the juiciest of gossip and even
more exciting, shared experiences.
Silver Fleur de Lis Earrings Gift for co-worker
Simple earrings make the perfect gift for
work exchange parties, or for simply showing
your boss of fellow co-workers that you like
sharing the same office space as them. They
may seem a small gift, but you'll know the real
appreciation when you see the receivers showing
after the holidays with their newest pieces
dangling from their earlobes.
Stocking Stuffer
The easy-to-wear, adorable adjustable rings
from Megan's Beaded Designs make the perfect
stocking stuffer or door prize gifts. Obviously,
because they are adjustable you don't have to
worry about getting the receiver's finger size
correct, and the delightful styles are fun for any
age to wear.
Miniature Cake Ring

Holiday Blues

  • Nov 18 2014
Holiday Blues Outfit

Holiday Blues Outfit - Featuring the Following Jewelry Pieces:

Feel fabulous in deep blue and silver at your next holiday party. The combination of shimmering, metallic silver against the fluffing tulle of this outfit ensemble will draw them in, and the sparkling, delicately hand-beaded jewelry will keep them looking.

This is the perfect outfit for a family or office holiday party. Not too sexy, but "loud" enough to make an impression and stand out from the sea of boring black dresses and samey-suits and sweaters you'll be surrounded with.