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All Black All The Time

  • Jan 12 2017

All Black All The Time

All-Black Work Fashion Outfit

All Black All The Time

All Black All The Time by Megan's Beaded Designs

American Vintage blazer jacket
$155 - question-air.com

Adrianna Papell jump suit
$195 - johnlewis.com

Alexander Wang black pumps
$555 - stylebop.com

Black Collar Necklace

An all-black outfit ready to impress the office or other networking event attendees. Completed with a set of striking shades for when you need to take a step outside and breathe it all in.

Pulling the outfit together is the beaded black collar necklace. This statement piece is sure to be noticed, while still blending in with the rest of the dark apparel.

You can never go wrong with black.

Black goes with everything, and looks good on everyone.

Black doesn't have a season nor is it a fleeting trend.

For utmost confidence and fierce style? All black, all the time.

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Fashion Board: Red Sequin Celebration

  • Jul 12 2016

Fashion Board: Red Sequin Celebration

Red Sequin Celebration

Yves Saint Laurent red sequin dress
$3,450 - mytheresa.com

Judith Leiber heart purse
$885 - rebelle.com

Peter pan necklace

Lime crime lipstick

Dazzle and dance in head-to-toe red sequins. This outfit features a sparkling red sequin dress, playful sequin covered sneakers, and matching red sequin jewelry. The red sequin collar necklace and bracelet are available from Megan's Beaded Designs on Amazon.

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Fashion Board: That's Just Peachy

  • Mar 28 2016

Fashion Board: That's Just Peachy

That's Just Peachy

Greet summer in this stylish and fun outfit, all in peach! The flowly blouse flirts beneath a hand-beaded, sequin collar necklace, and the elegant touches of a hand-held clutch and sparkling beaded anklet tie the whole thing together. As the season warms up you'll want an outfit that feels cool and easy, but without having to sacrifice style. Going with breezy skirts, strappy sandals, and nautical colors does the trick. (Not to mention: peach is one of the most decadent shades of them all. Don't you just want to eat this outfit up!?)

While the blouse featured in this fashion board is a steep $465 from Mulberry, and even the clutch will cost you a Benjamin from Shopbob, you can snag the handmade Peter Pan collar necklace for just $20 here, and the sparkling ankle bracelet for just $12 here.

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6 Back-to-School Outfits

  • Aug 13 2015

6 Back-to-School Outfits

Get to the classroom in style with these 6 different back-to-school outfits as your inspiration. Click on each individual outfit thumbnail for more details on each one:

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Custom Beaded Bridal Headband Applique

  • Aug 11 2015

One of my favorite custom commission requests to receive and fulfill is for bridal jewelry and hair accessories. A bridal commission means that one of my labors of beaded love is going to be a part of someone's very special day. It's such an honor!

Most recently, I was commissioned to make a beaded applique for a bridal headband.

Custom bridal Headband

For this bridal headband I used a mix of silver-lined crystal glass beads with light gold glass beads and Swarovski crystal pearls as details. The beaded layers of embroidery wrap around each other to form circles that radiate from the center, with a sleek set of longer bugle beads that divide the center of the design.

Beaded Bridal Applique

This detailed beaded design is going to look stunning against the bride's elegantly cascading tresses, and it's going to sparkle and shine in all of her wedding photographs.

Are you interested in having me create a custom beaded work for you? Simply shoot me an e-mail at contact@megansbeadeddesigns.com, or fill out the form on my contact page and I will get back to you with a commission quote right away. I would LOVE to make something especially for you!

Feature & Interview with That Retro Ruth

  • Aug 7 2015

In two separate posts, Megan's Beaded Designs has been featured in the That Retro Ruth blog. First off, we were a highlighted small business, and secondly, I responded to a full interview on fashion.

Megan's Beaded Designs Featured in That Retro Ruth

Here is a snippet from the Small Business Feature:

How does it make you feel when somebody is interested in buying your stuff?

Megan: It doesn’t matter how many jewelry pieces I sell, it is always such an honor and remarkable feeling that someone would choose my work to adorn themselves with. I feel that jewelry is very personal – and that my creations can resonate with others is extraordinarily touching to me. I strive to honor their choice by creating the best experience and highest quality I can in return. It is very special that something I craft becomes the thing that someone uses to express themselves to the world with.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Megan: Ideas are never-ending, and I draw my inspiration from everywhere. Fashion, fine art, pop culture, music, suggestions and requests from my customers, and more. There will never be enough time in the 24/7 cycle for me to create everything that pops into my brain, but I embrace the overall abundance of the ideas that come to me. My favorite thing is when I get a custom order request from a customer, and I am able to create exactly what she wanted from me (or even better!) I love the give and take of ideas and creativity that happens during the custom order process.

You can read the rest of the feature on That Retro Ruth here.

Here is a snippet from the Fashion Interview:

Why is fashion important to you?

I believe that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful, and fashion is the ultimate way to express our individuality. By choosing pieces that speak to us, we get to feel more like ourselves, while at the same time telling on-lookers, “Hey, this is me. Take it or leave it.”

How does it make you feel?

I’m drawn to fashion that makes me feel empowered, sexy, and glamorous… all with a sense of humor mixed in. I think that when we get to choose and wear pieces that are distinctly “us” we feel more complete. I know that’s a profound thing to say about–as an example–wearing a new blouse or necklace, but it’s true.

If you could only wear clothing from one particular decade which one would it be and why?

Marilyn Monroe is my fashion icon. I love, love, LOVE everything about mid-century style. It’s so classic and pretty, while being professional at the same time. It’s my go-to style for office-wear and networking events. That being said, a lot of my jewelry draws inspiration from the 60s and 70s inspired boho/gypsy style, partially because I work in beads, but also because I’m drawn to the whole overall idea of free-spirited expression.

What are your favorite accessories to wear, i.e brands, home made, local, Etsy etc.

I’ve never been a big fan of brand logos plastered on my stuff (I don’t want to be a walking advertisement, thank you), but that being said, I’ll opt for anything that suits my personal style. I shop local boutiques, craft fairs, Etsy, small business websites, and more popular fast-fashion websites, and even the occasional department or outlet store–but it’s all about finding the right individual pieces. For example, if I find a pair of black spike-covered stilettos with glittery, hot-pink soles: it doesn’t matter whose selling them, those darlings are going in my closet.

You can read the entire interview on That Retro Ruth, here.

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Back-to-School Outfit: Rosy Professional

  • Aug 4 2015

Back-to-School Outfit: Rosy Professional

Rosy Professional

Ready to hit the office or classroom in style? This fab working outfit in black and rose has all the details and delicate touches to boost your confidence and have you entering the season with the breeze. The seashell earrings let onlookers know that you enjoyed your summer, and the gold-tipped black boots announce to the world that you mean business. In any case, this is an outfit that leave you feeling feminine--and like a boss at the same time.

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Featured in this outfit post:

Sea Shell Earrings
Sea Shell Earrings

Slim Sand Bracelet

Earrings 101: List of Earring Styles

  • Jul 29 2015

List of Earring Styles

So many earrings, it's a good thing a girl can never have too many pairs!

Stud / Post Earrings

Post earrings are the easy to wear, everyday style solution. A bright set of yellow flower earrings can quickly add a pop of color to your outfit, or a smaller set of rose studs works brilliantly in your secondary holes.

Drop Earrings

The dangle of a pair of drop earrings elegantly frames your face and works with your hair up or down. The variety of earring styles is wide, ranging from earrings that you could wear to the beach, to statement earrings designed for elegant evenings.

Fringe Earrings

Fringe earrings are all about embracing your more playful, free-spirited side. The individual fringes dance and move right along with you, embracing the festival spirit of the moment.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings can either be dainty and elegant, big and 80s-era-rock inspired, or bohemian gipsy drawn. They are a fun and fashionable way to channel your inner-pirate style, whist still remaining collected enough for another day in the classroom or office.

Clip On Earrings

Not all of us want to get our ears pierced, or even can get our ears pierced. That's why most of the non-post earrings for sale at Megan's Beaded Designs offer you the option of hooks or clip ons. We are happy to accommodate for your needs!

Charm Earrings

Simple and fun, charm earrings are easy and trendy to wear with your everyday ensembles. You can rock a pair to show off your desire to go to Paris, what you do for a living, or your favorite animal. The possibilities are endless! Charm earrings also make for easy gifts, door prizes, and little surprises. No earring collection can have enough of them, really.

Chandelier Earrings

You wear chandelier earrings when you REALLY want to be noticed. They tend to be larger earrings, with lots of sparkles and droplets. They are perfect for elegant evenings, cocktail parties, and romantic gifts. (Dudes, take notice!)

With so many earrings to choose from, how could anyone just stop at ONE pair?

Shop all artisan earrings here and all trendy earrings here.

Embracing Summer Boho Style

  • Jul 8 2015

Not always the earliest of adopters when it comes to new fashion trends, I was hesitant to embrace the "Boho" phenomenon that was happening around me. Sure, I loved the big floppy hats, and, of course, the beaded jewelry, but I wasn't as sure about the leather fringe or the high-waisted pants. But then, as most fashion trends do, it began to grow on me.


Boho fashion isn't so hard to fall in love with when you think of the intentions behind it. Embracing who you are and allowing yourself to flow freely as your own person. It keeps in touch with nature and embraces the human form with a full flattering of its original state. I don't have to feel bad about not having time to do anything to my hair in the morning. With Boho fashion I don't have to wear a super-padded bra just to get clothes to fit me right. The easy accessories and loose-fitting garments welcome me, just as I am, no judgements.

So maybe it's just another passing fad, soon to be replaced by something else before we even knew what hit us. But for now, I'm going to enjoy every bit of it.

The wooden anklet featured in this blog post's collage is available here. Or you can shop all anklets here.

New Anklets for Beach-Bound Days

  • Jul 2 2015

The dog days of summer are upon us. No time like the present to abandon our daily lives and head for the beach!

Of course, no beach-bound ensemble would be complete without an ankle bracelet or two to pull everything together. That's where the new double-layered anklets from Megan's Beaded Designs come in.

Feel like a boho-bejeweled princess with one of these lovely pieces wrapped around your ankle. There are several colors to choose from, and all are handcrafted with quality materials and original design.

Purple Crystals Anklet - $12

Earthy Green Anklet - $12

Dazzling Deep Blue Anklet - $12

Creamy Blue and Brown Anklet - $12

Click here to shop all anklets.