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Fall Fashion Trend: Let There Be Layers

  • Sep 6 2016

Fall Fashion Trend: Let There Be Layers

Wanna know what our favorite fall fashion trend is? Layering of course! Layering is the perfect solution to the slight chill in the air, lending itself to the changing climate over the course of the day. When there is a slight nip in the morning, a scarf and blazer take care of the cold, while they can easily be peeled off mid-day when the sun decides it doesn't want to let summer go quite yet.

Wrap necklaces are the perfect type of jewelry to rock with a layered outfit. You can add them with other necklaces, or let them stand out on their own. (They can handle it.)

Check out an easy (and affordable!) layered outfit below. Click on the links below the image to shop each article of clothing.

Shop this outfit:
Layered pendant Necklace - $39
Chiffon Blouse
Button Blazer
Lounge Pant
Owl Scarf
Red Knee Boots

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Back-to-School Outfit: Rosy Professional

  • Aug 4 2015

Back-to-School Outfit: Rosy Professional

Rosy Professional

Ready to hit the office or classroom in style? This fab working outfit in black and rose has all the details and delicate touches to boost your confidence and have you entering the season with the breeze. The seashell earrings let onlookers know that you enjoyed your summer, and the gold-tipped black boots announce to the world that you mean business. In any case, this is an outfit that leave you feeling feminine--and like a boss at the same time.

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Featured in this outfit post:

Sea Shell Earrings
Sea Shell Earrings

Slim Sand Bracelet

Trending this Season: Fringe Clothing and Accessories

  • Aug 22 2014

Fringe is all the rage this season.

It's flowing from our bags, decorating our jackets, swirling at the bottom of our skirts, woven into our hair, and dangling from our ears.

Fringe for Fall

The whole ambiance these clothes and accessories emulate stems from a place of free spirit, in touch with nature, and possessing a down-to-earth love of fashion. The movement of these pieces will have you ready to hit the dance floor, sprint to your next destination, and otherwise feel more alive.

To complete your fringe look for fall, add your favorite pair of beaded earrings from Megan's Beaded Designs. Here are just a few to get you thinking:

beaded fringe earrings
Black Fringe Earrings - $27

beaded fringe earrings
Silver Fringe Earrings - $9

beaded fringe earrings
Camo Fringe Earrings - $16

beaded fringe earrings
Smoky Fringe Earrings - $16

beaded fringe earrings
Pink and Gray Fringe Earrings - $12

beaded fringe earrings
Green and Ivory Fringe Earrings - $12

beaded fringe earrings
Green and Black Fringe Earrings - $12

Browse our entire earring collection to complete your fall look here.

You'll Fall for This Jewelry Collection

  • Aug 12 2014

A number of new additions have taken their place within the current Rebecca Collection of artisan jewelry and hair accessories.

And they are just in time for fall.

The necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets work perfectly with layered autumn combinations. You can pair the deep maroon and sand colored items with your favorite plaid skirt, or slip them over or under black leather to arm yourself against the cooling temperatures of the season. Each jewelry selection within this collection is undeniably perfect for fall.

Fall Chevron Necklace
Chevron Banner Necklace - $44

Each of these pieces can be worn on their own, or they can be layered together. Stacking your favorite bracelets or rings together can create a personalized look that is all your own.

Stacked Beaded Bracelets
Bracelets - $18 to $44
Stacking Beaded Rings
Stacking Rings - $6 each

Ready to fall in love with with these trend-sustaining pieces? View the complete collection here.

6 Ways to Fashionably Handle Colder Weather

  • Oct 23 2013

Autumn is sinking its way into winter, causing the temperatures to drop like the stock market during a government shutdown. Most of us are left scrambling to dig out our sweaters and thick wool socks from the back of our closets where we left them last spring. (Unless you live somewhere on the equator, like Hawaii, and if that is case then the rest of us hate you.)

It can be a not-so-glorious feeling, switching from the cute summer options of dresses, skirts, and ruffled blouses to whatever the heck we can find that will keep us from freezing to death. It's hard to feel like a fashionista when open-toed shoes are off the table.

But fear not! It's possible to view dropping temperatures as an opportunity to flaunt your superior sense of style.

For starters, you can make a huge statement with a great winter coat:

Secondly, there are still plenty of fabulous boot options, even if it's too chilly to opt open-toe:

Not to mention all of the fantastic blazer additions you can rock during your workday:

Similarly, cardigans are the more-cozy alternative for office or home:

And as far as sweaters go, they don't all have to be of the same boring threads your grandma wears. You have other options you know:

Also, considering the dresses and skirts you were fond of wearing when the temperature were warmer? No need to put them in storage! Simply rock a pair of leggings underneath, and they're good all year round! (Not to mention the fact that you can actually get away with your shorter options at the office, considering that you're basically wearing pants underneath.)

There's more options where those came from, but this little list should give you a good head start on thinking about what to wear this time of year, and why you can feel less drab about it. (Also: pumpkin flavored anything is bound to lift your spirits. Autumn is such a brief season, we might as well make the best of it while it's here!)