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Go for Gold: Red and Gold Professional Outfit

  • Feb 3 2017

Feel confident and ready for business with a timeless deep red and golden professional outfit.

Red and Gold Professional Outfit

go for Gold by Megan's Beaded Designs

Feel confident in the professional setting with this classic office outfit in golden hues with deep red trimmings.

Complete your office style with an easy-to-use, modern beaded barrette in dark red and solid black.

Barrettes make fixing your hair for the day a cinch. Simply brush, clip in, and go!

Plus, gold is incredibly trendy as a color right now. Everything is being decorated in it, so why not add your locks to the mix?

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Clash of Colors - Spring Edition

  • Feb 19 2015

Before the weather even starts to warm up or the flowers start looming, spring fashion begins sprouting all around. We can't help it. In no way could we allow ourselves to wait any longer before pulling out our bright colors, soft pastels, and brilliantly clashing combinations of closely related hues. For example, as in the outfit styleboard shown below, the unthinkable combination of pink, red, orange, and yellow - paired perfectly with just enough flecks of lime green to hint at summer, while remaining a look to usher in the spring season. When seeking your own #OOTD, why not take out something of your own to welcome a change in the weather?

Clash of Colors - Spring Edition

Clash of Colors - Spring Edition by Megan's Beaded Designs

Matthew Williamson boho chic dress
$1,530 - matthewwilliamson.com

DESTIN floral print scarve

Tech accessory

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$40 - johnlewis.com

Essie peach nail polish

Chrysanthemum jewelry

Teacup jewelry

Holiday Sample Sale Happening on Facebook

  • Dec 6 2014

Megan's Beaded Designs will be hosting a special Holiday Sample Sale on Facebook on Friday, the 12th. You can join me all day for drool-worthy deals, surprise giveaways, free gifts, flash sales, and more.

Holiday Sample Sale Facebook Event

Invite a friend and both of you will receive a free surprise gift with your orders!

For more details on how to shop the sale, visit and join the event on Facebook here.

Items will be posted throughout the day, starting at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Items go fast, so be sure to "join" the event so you can get notifications in your Facebook feed!

(In other words, the first to nab 'em will get 'em.)

Throughout the deals I'll be posting free giveaway items, where to first to call "DIBS" will get them included in their order, at no extra charge. So be sure to join the event so you can score these awesome items!

See you there!

Click here head over to Facebook and join the event.

I Appreciate You

  • Nov 14 2014

Thank You Card Front Thank You Card Inside

I recently received a hand-written thank you card in the mail from a customer. A customer was thanking ME for her order. As usual, I was once again overwhelmed with the appreciation I have been offered for my handmade jewelry and hair accessories. Not only is it wonderful and amazing that people from all over the globe have deemed the pieces from my artisan-made collection lovely enough to buy and wear (which is in itself beyond fulfilling), but many of these people have gone one or two steps farther than I could have ever guessed anyone would: they are sending me messages of gratefulness, and recommending my company to their friends and family.

I cannot express my gratitude enough. Simply put: I would not be able to continue producing the work I love (designing and creating the original jewelry and hair accessories found on this website) without each and every one of my customers. It is solely due to them that these pieces are even able to exist in the world.

(I know that sounds heavy, but it is 100% true.)

I want to host a little promotion to express some of that gratitude. So now through midnight on Sunday, for every 25 dollar purchase in jewelry and hair accessories made from this site, a 25 dollar reward coupon will be included with your order. For every 50 dollar purchase, a 50 dollar reward coupon will be included, and with every 100 dollar purchase, a 100 dollar reward coupon will be included with you order.

Customer Appreciation Event

The reward coupons won't expire until the end of January, so if you don't want to use them to buy yourself something, you can pass your reward off as a gift to a loved one, or slip it in a Christmas card to give a loved one a nice surprise this holiday season.

In case I haven't stressed this enough...


This is all happening because of you.

Christmas Lists Made Easy

  • Nov 7 2014

Perhaps you still need to clean up the cobwebs and caution tape from your front door before you can even begin thinking about the upcoming holiday shopping season. I feel you. It's not even Thanksgiving yet for goodness sake!

BUT--and hear me out on this--you will thank yourself later if you get some of your gift-giving planning done now rather than at the last minute. (And this advice is coming from Ms. Unorganized herself, so you know I mean it.)

One of the easiest things you can do to prep yourself before you start thinking about shopping is creating a list of people to shop for.

Easy enough, right?

To make this process even easier of you, here is a free printable holiday list-maker for you to download and use for your planning process:

Holiday Shopping List Free Download

I personally find that keeping track of what I've gotten for each person on my list throughout the shopping process makes it a million times easier to avoid buying way too much for one person (my husband, for example, is notoriously easy to shop for - anything Star Wars or Lego related makes him happy!) Or on the other side of things, it will remind you to persistently look for something for that one person who you usually have to scramble and find something for at the last second before the holiday party where you have to face him or her, preferably not empty-handed.

It always helps to have a little something to make the sound of Christmas music in the department stores a little less stressful, and a little more like something you have a firm handle on.

If you've found this list to be helpful, please share it with your peeps and help them get a leg-up too. These are supposed to be joyous times after all, not the season for stressing and panic (allegedly). Anything that keeps us from divulging in too much eggnog and peppermint schnapps is, I think, a good thing.