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Negative Space Geometric Jewelry

This hand-crafted jewelry collection explores the beauty of the negative, both in terms of literal geometric space, and in the experiences and emotions we perceive as being less-than-positive in nature.

Negative space refers to the absence of elements. In art composition, this is how we refer to the sections of a painting that do not contain subject matter, or the pocket of air between the handle and base of a tea cup sculpture. Negative space, in and of itself, can paint it's own picture right along with the main focus of the artwork.

The pieces in the Negative Space Collection at Megan's Beaded Designs utilize this concept to allow the skin of the wearer to show through. These designs allow YOU to be part of the composition.

Black Cuff Bracelet
Cuff Bracelet - 117.00

Drama Necklace
Necklace - 97.00

Black Wrap Bracelet
Wrap Bracelet - 149.00

Geometric Necklace
Necklace - 76.00

Triangle Earrings
Earrings - 19.00

Mod Arrow Necklace
Necklace - 76.00

Geometric Headband
Headband - 177.00

"nice seller, fast shipping, beautiful art. thank you!"
- Rebecca Perlo, MA

Black Beaded Ring
Ring - 17.00

Black Fringe Earrings
Earrings - 27.00

Cutout Bracelet
Bracelet - 67.00

Triangle Necklace
Necklace - 76.00

Modern Square Earrings
Earrings - 27.00

Fierce Statement Necklace
Necklace - 97.00

Cutout Earrings
Earrings - 47.00

Wear the pieces of the Negative Space Collection to remind yourself to look at your negative experiences and emotions from another perspective. They can be seen as something beautiful if you are willing to look at them differently.

A trying period of time makes for a lesson-filled experienced to be referenced later.

A difficult day makes for a funny story come evening.

An uneventful life is a boring life. A rocky path makes for a more interesting adventure.

If you feel bad now, you'll feel that much better once you get past your current turmoil.

There are nuggets of hope amidst the turmoil, such as a helping hand, or an empathetic ear. Aren't these things and people lovely?

There is beauty to be found in pain. Allow yourself to feel it, fully, and acknowledge its depth before you press press past it.

See the negative as an opportunity to view the positive more fully, and become a more appreciative person as a result.

There is negative and positive, and it can all be wonderful.

Beaded Black Headband
Headband - 177.00

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