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Bloggers and editors across the interwebs and print media are raving about the jewelry and hair accessories envisioned and created by Megan Petersen that can be found here at Megan's Beaded Designs. Check out some of the recent features below. (Interested in featuring Megan's Beaded Designs or interviewing Megan in your own blog or publication? E-mail us directly at contact@megansbeadeddesigns.com with your request. We'd love to hear from you!)

Interview in Northwest Profiles broadcast March 2016 on KSPS

Watch bead designer Megan Petersen demonstrate a variety of beadweaving stitches and discuss the experience and inspiration behind her jewelry collections and glass eye cabochons.

Spokane Ultimate Model in March/April 2015 Spokane | CDA Woman Magazine

Spokane Ultimate Model Magazine Feature

Page includes two lovely Spokane SUM models decked out in jewelry pieces from Megan's Beaded Designs'The Black Tie Event Collection.

Up Front - Beadspiration in Jan/Feb 2015 Spokane | CDA Woman Magazine

Spokane CDA Woman Magazine Feature

You can read a full-page article on Megan's Beaded Designs and jewelry designer Megan Petersen in the January/February 2015 issue of regional Spokane/CDA Woman magazine, with a highlighted image from The Rebecca Collection.

Cute Miniatures from Megan's Beaded Design shop! on Luxe by Liz Fashion

"Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of getting to work with Megan, Owner of Megans beaded designs. She has so many fabulous creations and some really unique items over at her shop. Several years ago when I first got a pinterest, I pinned this little tea cup ring to my Wish List pin board. Well guess who makes the cutest tea cup rings?! YES, I was finally able to get a mad hatter tea cup ring AND a latte ring. They are such unique pieces and sooo adorable. I had a blast styling them and can’t wait to wear these quirky little rings all the time :) I got so many compliments when I wore them for the first time over the weekend! "

Read the entire post here.

Quilted Accessories, Dating and the Negative Space Collection on Bicoastal Brunette

"These modern earrings are just my style! They are edgy and perfect for the day or a night out. The come in gunmetal on black and are flattering for everyone. The outside of the squares are hand beaded and the inside contains a faux- leather square. These earrings measure ¾ an inch wide and 1 and 3/4 an inch long. These modern earrings are lightweight so they won’t stretch your holes. The best part of all is that if you don’t have pierced ears they come in clip on!"

Read the entire post here.

OOTD: Florals with Megan's Beaded Designs on Pretty and Polished

"Her necklaces and bracelets are to die for; each one is intricately hand-made with the most incredible beaded detail. This green, twisted necklace is my absolute go-to piece of bling at the moment, and can be worn so easily with pretty much any outfit. I also wanted to show off this adorable ring too; a cake, ON A RING. If that isn't the cutest thing ever then I don't know what is..."

Read the entire post here.

Faux Fur Vest and Silver Bracelet on Fancy Nancista

"...As for the bracelet, it was delivered to me exactly how it looked in the picture. This bracelet can be worn with casual outfits as well. As for size, it fits fine, but it seems to flip downwards often, which might be because my wrist is a bit smaller than others...."

Read the entire post here.

Megan's Beaded Designs on Not Just a Curl

"Megan picked up jewelry making from her grandfather when she was about 5 years old, and has been creating things with beads ever since. Due to Megan also having a quiet personality (similar to myself), she likes to dress up and wear jewelry that helps her express herself when words are hard to come by, which I think is a great way to show off your personality! Megan went to college for art and received her degree in graphic design, which she is able to apply to her jewelry designing and creation process - and also by having designed such a wonderful website which is easy to look around and find everything you are looking for and more."

Read the entire post here.

Evil Eye and Arrow on DIMPLEBUG

Evil Eye Ring

"This post is about just that: some gorgeous handmade jewellery I received from the talented Megan at Megan’s Beaded Designs. I just love the unique pieces on her site, but these two are definitely my fave! Just LOOK at this ‘Evil Eye Ring’ from the ‘Evil Eye Collection‘. When I opened the box my heart did a little flutter – it’s just the right amount of cute/weird. I could stare into the evil little eye all day. I love wearing things that are a bit different, and this ring definitely did it for me!"

Arrow Earrings

"The arrow earrings are really cool too! I pop them in whenever I have my hair up and I instantly feel fiercer – if that’s a word. A bit like Katniss from The Hunger Games. Don’t mess with me (hehe)!"

Read the entire post here.

One-of-a-kind, eye-catching, drool-inducing wedding accessories from Megan's Beaded Designs on Offbeat Bride

"Megan Petersen, owner and creator of jewelry for Megan's Beaded Designs, found that as an introvert the easiest way to express her inner self was through her sense of style. Today Megan designs handmade jewelry for people who don't want to be invisible..."

"From white to black… Megan makes original, handcrafted jewelry designs inspired by art and fashion, with a few lingering traces of her goth phase from high school. I'm particularly drawn to her Evil Eye Collection..."

Read the full feature here.

Shadows on Styled by Noosh

Red metallic bracelet
Red metallic Bracelet
Read her fashion post here.

Designer Spotlight: Megan Petersen on Flourish & Thrive

"I absolutely love creating unique pieces that my customers can wear to express themselves, or show off to start unlikely conversations. Growing up as a shy introvert myself, I’ve always leaned on my clothing and accessories as a means of standing out and getting noticed. It’s my goal to provide that same means for my customers..."
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Spotlight: Megan’s Beaded Designs on Rhinestone Religion

"Megan’s Beaded Designs stocks handmade art that you can wear. Megan has been beading for over 20 years, and the years of experience show in her beautiful designs. From cameo brooches to astoundingly intricate beaded necklaces and bracelets in every color scheme imaginable, Megan’s Beaded Designs has something for everyone to add to their accessory collection..."

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Look no further for summer accessories! Check out Megan’s Beaded Designs on A Thing of Beauty

Flower Hair Clip

If you’re looking for beautiful summer accessories, look no farther! I love to put bows and flower in my hair and this beaded sunflower from Megan’s Beaded Designs is absolutely beautiful! Megan’s shop features a lot of really unique beaded pieces from necklaces to anklets to brand new leather accessories from men-very ambitious and dynamic!

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Black & White | Megan's Beaded Designs on Sabrina in Monte Carlo

"A few days ago 'Megan's Beaded Designs' sent me the most beautiful collared necklace! I've always wanted one of these so when this arrived on my door step I couldn't contain my excitement!"

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Success Profile: Megan Baker / Megan's Beaded Designs on About.com

Jewelry Designer Success Story

Megan Baker grew up shy, but longed to find a way to express herself. Through the creation of her unique jewelry designs, Megan has been able to express her personality and help others do the same. She has turned her life-long passion for creating jewelry into a Megan's Beaded Designs, a business she runs part-time from home...

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I'm In Paradise with my Cheeseburger Ring from Megan's Beaded Designs on A Geek in Glasses

Cheeseburger ring

"I received a lovely package in the mail from Megan's Beaded Designs and inside was the most adorable ring ever. A tiny little plate with a tiny intricate cheeseburger complete with lettuce and cheese! The filigree band is beautiful and it's open to adjust to any size..."

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Megan Petersen on how her childhood led her to beading and how she runs her business while working full-time on Blacksburge Bell

Flapper Girl Hair Accessory

"I love connecting with such fantastic people from all over the world. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that someone in France is wearing one of my necklaces on her wedding day, or one of my rings is being shown off on the other side of the country. Heck, the fact that people even want to pay me money for the stuff I make is freaking AWESOME..."

Read the rest of this interview here.

Megan's Beaded Designs on FASHION, TRENDS & MORE

Fashion blogger

"Although I don't usually wear hoops, I am definitely a fan of these earrings. They can be worn with a simple outfit like my look above for a day spent running errands or with a stunning dress for a night out..."

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Megan's Beaded Designs on Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide

Evil Eye Shoe Clips

"Megan's Beaded Designs is your one-stop online shopping destination for unique artisan jewelry and one-of-a-kind hair accessories. You'll love the selection of statement necklaces, fashion bracelets, and hand-crafted headbands. Additionally, choose from the selection of anklets, glasses and ID badge lanyards, miniature food rings and earrings, as well as barrettes and hair clips to decorate your locks and 'dos..."

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