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*SOLD OUT* Negative Space Collection: Cutout Bow Barrette
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*SOLD OUT* Negative Space Collection: Cutout Bow Barrette


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Add touch of modern art to your locks with this original, and striking beaded hair barrette. It's cutout bow design is sure to draw plenty of attention and compliments.

This hair accessory features:

  • A cutout, modern design that allows the strands of your locks to peep through its frames of beadwork, making YOU a part of the artwork.
  • Intricately hand-beaded layers of bead-embroidery, painstakingly formed one tiny bead at a time for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Leather-imitation, vegan-friendly material that the beaded applique is stitched into and backed with for lasting protection and endurance.
  • Shades of gunmetal on black--because black is always cool and the shining gunmetal provides a striking compliment to ever hair color (even purple... scratch that: especially purple.)
  • An easy-to-use french style, metal barrette clip that will securely hold your hair locks in place.

This beaded hair barrette measures appropriately 3.5 inches long by 3 inches tall at its widest point. The center of the bow measures just over 1.25 inches high, and the barrette clip the beaded applique is attached to measures 3 inches long.

This beaded barrette, like all of the jewelry and hair accessories at Megan's beaded Designs, is entirely designed, created, and packaged to ship from within my studio in Spokane, Washington.

About The Negative Space Collection:

Negative space refers to the absence of elements. In art composition, this is how we refer to the sections of a painting that do not contain subject matter, or the pocket of air between the handle and base of a tea cup sculpture. Negative space, in and of itself, can paint it's own picture right along with the main focus of the artwork.

The pieces in the Negative Space Collection at Megan's Beaded Designs use this concept to allow the skin of the wearer to show through. These designs allow YOU to be part of the composition.

Wear the pieces of the Negative Space Collection to remind yourself to look at your negative experiences and emotions from another perspective. They can be seen as something beautiful if you are willing to perceive them differently. Sometimes, all it takes is another angle, a change of lighting, or a shift of empathy to alter one's perspective on even the darkest of circumstances.

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