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*DISCONTINUED* Run a Handmade Business and Keep Your Day Job

*DISCONTINUED* Run a Handmade Business and Keep Your Day Job

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Not all of us who strive to run a successful handmade business have the end goal of quitting our day jobs. Some of us are greedy and want the best of both worlds.

The cool thing is, it's completely within our capabilities to have both.

I've been running my handmade business on the side of my regular, day job for just over 3 years now. While it hasn't been a walk in the park, I've managed to figure out a variety of strategies to have time for both, while still leaving plenty of room for me to take vacations, go on weekly dates with my husband, read the latest Stephen King novel, and enjoy an occasional Game of Thrones marathon. I created this course as a response to all of the "how do you do it?" questions I've received from other handmade sellers.

The Run a Handmade Business & KEEP Your Day Job course is a 7 part audio and written series with accompanying worksheets and printouts. You will receive download links to all of the files immediately after purchase, so you can absorb the information and learn at your own pace. This course is designed to not only help you set up a strong foundation for a successful handmade business, but also to offer you practical tactics and suggestions on how to make the most of your available time. You have it within you to not only run a profitable business, but to keep your day job or other time commitments alongside it.

Here's an outline of the course contents:

Welcome - An introduction to the course and a sharing of my own personal business story.

Part 1: The What & The Who - Determining which handmade items to create and who you're going to sell them to.

Part 2: Building a Brand - Creating a brand for your business that attracts and keeps the most loyal of customers.

Part 3: Inventory - Methods for maximizing your time when creating your product lines and working on your business, organizing your work space, and how to maintain a steady flow of items when the orders start coming in.

Part 4: Selling - Places where you can sell, local selling options, pricing your handmade items, and shipping out your online packages.

Bonus: Product Photography Basics

Part 5: Get the Word Out - Market and promote without feeling icky, social media overviews and tactics, learn the basics of blogging and e-mail newsletters, how to pitch to the media for free coverage, and how to get the most out of your paid advertising.

Part 6: Let's Work Together - Networking with other handmade sellers.

Part 7: Goal Setting & Track Keeping - How to determine your goals, measure your success, track your finances, and stay motivated.

The main content within this course has been created to be read or listened to. I know you're busy, so I created the information so it can be absorbed in the way that is easiest for you. You can download the audio files to listen to while you work out, or more likely, work on your creations. The included worksheets are interactive PDFs you can fill out from your computer, or print to fill out with an old-fashioned pen or pencil. Do whichever helps you learn better.

While, for legal reasons, I cannot guarantee that the contents of this course will magically bring you more money, I will say that if you actually take the time to implement and try out several of the tactics I’ve laid out for you, you will probably generate over ten times the cost of this purchase in a matter of months.