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Sell More Products with BLOGGING for Your Crafty Biz
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Sell More Products with BLOGGING for Your Crafty Biz


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Blogging can be a super-effective way to attract ready-buyers and raving fans to your handmade business.

A blog gives you the space to create and develop a brand which fosters relationships with your most-likely customers.You can turn casual browsers into fiercely loyal fans who not only purchase your products, but love to tell their friends and family about how awesome you are.

The main focus of this e-book isn't just to teach you how to start a crafty blog, but how to create a business blog that gets you sales.

This e-book will give you concrete and step-by-step advice for generating blog content that brings in your ideal, paying customers, and keeps them engaged in your brand.

I may go off on a few ranty tangents now and again, but throughout this e-book you will also learn the basics of picking a platform and getting started with blogging, SEO basics that will help your posts get seen through organic searches, help developing your unique writing voice, graphic design tips, planning your editorial calendar, and more.

Most importantly I'm going to help you get the attention of your ideal customers and convince them to purchase from you.

Additionally, this e-book contains 75 detailed writing prompts for possible blog posts. Many of them can be used over and over again, so you'll never be wanting for inspiration. For example:

#26. The never-actually-gonna-happen scenario that involves your item.
Write a post about how your product would be useful during a zombie apocalypse, or how it could come in handy if someone had it while stranded on a deserted island. These types of posts provide a fun way to describe the features and benefits of your products in a lighthearted way.

So whether you have been blogging for awhile (but don't really feel like it's getting you anywhere), or you aren't even sure how to start, you'll find the content of this e-book helpful, straightforward, and even, mildly entertaining.

Let me help you turn your blogging efforts into measurable results.

And by measurable results, I mean sales.

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